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‧Game:  Pet Forest ‧Date:  2013/04/01
‧Subject: New Valentine's Gachapon

The Valentine's Gachapon costs 15 Spell Stones to play.

Bunny Evil (character rebirth required)

Rock Panda (character rebirth required)

Fairy of Love

Cat Maid

Sunny Bee

Fanda Costume

Flying Piglet Costume

Origami Bird


A lucky egg may contain one of the following items:
Pets: Bunny Evil, Rock Panda, Fairy of Love
Avatars: Cat Maid, Sunny Bee, Fanda Costume, Flying Piglet Costume
Aircrafts: Origami Bird, Umbrella
Exclusive Items: Superior Mix-n-Match Stone, Superior Heroic Stone, Pet Forest VIP Card (7days), Upgrade Stone, 5 Medium Alchemist's Stones, 2 Exclusive Perfect Material Boxes, Mighty Pure Gold Axe Lv30, Challenger's Deck, 5 Centiglee Tickets
Pet Boosts: 3 Strength Boosts, 3 Constitution Boosts, 3 Spirit Boosts, 3 Intelligence Boosts, 3 Dexterity Boosts
Potions: 4 Supreme Pet Cakes, Huge Medicine Kit of Life, Huge Medicine Kit of Magic

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