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‧Game:  NEO ‧Date:  2010/02/10
‧Subject: Client File Checking Guide: MD5

Greetings Players,

Due to N.E.O client file size is over 1 GB, some players might experience file corruption after downloading from internet. To ensure your N.E.O client file is intact, please confirm your N.E.O Client MD5 hash is the same as official version.

Players who have encountered exceptional error, file corruption, or game execution issues are highly recommended to check MD5 hash.

N.E.O Online full client information:
File name: NEOUS_201009fullclient.exe
MD5 hash: 03266C6065D58CAF0D9F9F083CBF8142

Here is the simple MD5 introduction & guide:
1. What is MD5?
MD5 is a widely used cryptographic hash function, which is often used to check file integrity. In other words, MD5 can check the fingerprints of the file you have downloaded.

2. What is MD5 hash?
MD5 hash refers to a 32-character hexadecimal number. It can be seen as the fingerprint of the file. Comparing MD5 hash is a convenient way to check if the two files are exactly the same.

3. How do I check MD5 hash of N.E.O client?
Download a MD5 program first, and drag your client file to generate its MD5 hash. Then compare your MD5 hash with the one we announced on website.

4. Where can I download MD5 program?
Please search for MD5 program on search engines. You can also forward to one of the mirror site to download. (Click here.)

Thanks for supporting N.E.O Online.

The N.E.O Team