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‧Game:  Pet Forest (Amazon) ‧Date:  2013/06/17
‧Subject: Instant Access Now Available


The Instant Access function is now available for those looking for a trial for Pet Forest. Here are several steps to help you go through the Instant Access entry.

1. Please go to the User Login screen by clicking Game Start in the top of the front page.

2. If this is your first time playing Pet Forest and you want to sign up later, you can hit Instant Access to play the game without registration.

3. After a successful login, you will see a guest ID in the top left of the screen. From now on, every time you play Pet Forest through the Instant Access entry, your character history will be left on this guest account.

However, you can claim this guest account by hitting the Save button.

4. When you decide to claim this guest account, you will be requested to enter an e-mail address in a pop-up dialog box so that you can change the temporary password later. Please note that username cannot be changed under any guest account.

5. If you haven't received account information yet, please check your spam folder to make sure it didn't end up there by accident. This may occur when you sign up with a Gmail or Live.com email.

6. It is very important that if you log out without claiming the current guest account, character history will be lost and cannot be carried over.

7. When you complete the Save process, next time you should be able to log in with these username and password. Please go through the formal entry since this guest account has been to changed into a formal account.

The Pet Forest Team