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‧Game:  Pet Forest ‧Date:  2012/06/19
‧Subject: New Transformation System for Pets

Greetings Forest Walkers,

The new transformation system for pets is now ready for use. You can transform your own pets into a whole new Soul Orb which is quite rare anywhere in the world of Pet Forest. Here are quick steps that will let you understand how it works.

Find Student of Magic Academy (255, 213) in Karugarner City. There will be several pets available for transformation. Select any desired pet and then check requirements before transforming your pets into a new one.


You will need to drag “source pets” from your pet window to the transformation window. Be sure to check if those source pets meet the requirements, and also notice that there is no “undo” for this operation.

Some transformed pets require character rebirth. Transformation offers will be updated regularly, please check back for the latest information.

Azure Dragon (character rebirth required)

The Pet Forest Team