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Please read the following terms and conditions carefully. Registering or playing games provided by PlayOMG indicates that you fully agree with the rules and regulations contained herein and will abide by them. If the registrant or person playing the game does not agree with the following rules or cannot abide by these rules then he or she should refrain from registering or playing games provided by PlayOMG. Any player found disobeying the rules laid out below is subject to the following corrective actions:

● Warnings
A warning is issued to a player for an offense that is considered a minor breaking of the rules by a GM (Game Master). The purpose for such a warning is to let the user know that they violated a rule and should correct their behavior accordingly. Failure to comply and a repeat of similar violations may result in harsher penalties in the future. When appropriate, the GM may also remove items, money, or block a given skill, ability, or action. This is especially true if the user somehow violated the rights of another player in obtaining something knowingly or unknowingly. Such removal may also occur during suspensions which may result from repeated warning violations.

● Suspension
A suspension can be issued to a player for any duration. Usually for minor offenses the warning may be as short as 12 hours. More severe actions can warrant suspension for days or even as long as a week. In extreme cases, the suspension can be put in place until the violator can reasonably assure the GM that they will not repeat the offense. In general, the length of the suspension will be in accordance to the perceived severity of the violation, if others were harmed in the act, and if it is a repeat offense.

● Account Closure
Account closure is an option available to enforce the rules contained in the Terms of Use and PlayOMG User’s Agreement. This is considered the most severe in game penalty. Such a penalty is enforced only when a given offense is too severe to be allowed in the game (i.e. bugs, account theft, etc.) or when a users repeated offenses can not be allowed to continue (i.e. repeated abuse, not replying to a GM, etc.). When reasonable, the GM prefers suspension but may always choose full suspension if they view the violation as one which is serious enough to bar the user from playing. Upon completion of an account closure, the entire account is permanently deleted and the user will be barred from forums and all other matters pertaining to the game. Accounts related to the offender may also be banned depending on the circumstances involved. When such accounts are closed the accounts cannot be reinstated no matter what the circumstances. They are lost forever.

● Legal Action
Legal action for behavior in game will only occur if such in game action has unacceptable real world consequences and legal authorities get involved. In such a case, PlayOMG will defer to legal authorities and court orders.

The following are rules enforced by GMs.
● Chat
Chat is the medium for players to converse within the game. The principal medium for communication in games provided by PlayOMG are English. Even so, players may use other languages to communicate. When communicating to a GM you must speak in a language understood by both parties, primarily English. In other cases you may speak in other languages to those who can understand you. In all cases users are to use proper discretion and appropriate language when communicating with others.

Our games filter improper words in English to the best of its ability. However, players may always find ways to get around such filtering. Although, PlayOMG does not filter foreign languages or improvised ways to issue vulgar or illicit messages, such behavior is still prohibited. Users who engage in inappropriate behavior or use improper language are at risk of losing their chat ability, being suspended, or having their account closed. This also applies to forums and messages to a GM, or customer service person.

Users must try their best not to violate the spirit or intent of the improper words and behavior list.

● Naming Conventions
Character names are the only way to reference a player in a game environment. These names may not be inappropriate nor may they impersonate others, NPCs, or GMs. PlayOMG has the right to restrict given account names or bar the usage of an account name for any reason they see fit to. Like in chat, names can not violate the improper words or behavior list. Also users should not try to use names to deceive other players or impersonate other players.

● Improper Words and Behavior List
Improper words and behavior fit into the below categories and are prohibited:
Sexual Content: Names or messaging including chat or forum messages that contain sexual content of any kind is inappropriate and not tolerated. Furthermore, attempting to emulate sexual behavior or imagery implying sexual behavior is also not permitted.

Derogatory Terms: Racial, derogatory, discriminating, or terms that make fun of disabilities or family backgrounds are not permitted. Such names, chat messages, forum messages, speech, or acting are prohibited and may result in corrective actions.

Harassment: Our games are designed for people to have fun and compete. Any kind of actions that can be construed as harassment either through a character’s name, chat messages, forum messages, speech, or acting is considered a serious offense and will result in corrective actions.

Although PvP playing allows for hunting and killing players in game, under extreme or excessive cases it may construe harassment. At this time the GM may get involved to prevent such action and take corrective measures. Users must be aware that PvP guild battles, duels, and other PvP playing are a natural part of the game and are not intended to be personally malicious in nature. Still, people should be careful not to take such behavior too far.

Harassment may also extend to repeated name calling, producing repeated negative remarks about a player or group of players, spreading rumors or messages about other players that are offensive, posting or revealing personal information of other users, and or improper behavior out of game that extends to the in game world or vice versa.

In some cases, harassment may be taken to a level requiring legal action since the security and the interests of the players are highly important. Harassment of any kind is not tolerated. People should treat one another in a civil fashion similar to how they, themselves wish to be treated.

Impersonation: Any acts of posing as another player, GM, administrator, or forum/board moderator are prohibited. Furthermore attempting to impersonate another player for improper benefit is also not allowed. If at any time a player is identified as a participant of an impersonation corrective action will immediately ensue. Be cautious regarding your behavior so that others will not view your actions as trying to impersonate someone else since the repercussions may be quite severe.

Scamming: Scamming entails any behavior designed to gain any advantage, item, equipment, access, property, information, or relationship through the use of deception. What constitutes a scam rests at the discretion of the GM and may entail a wide variety of behaviors even if not specifically listed. PlayOMG will do all that it can to prevent violations that may lead to scams as well as scams.

Game scams entail impersonating others to exchange or gain access to others items or information. They also include out of game behavior such as fraudulently issuing e-mails to obtain passwords and account information, buying and selling user accounts, engaging in real life transactions to exchange items and equipment for money or selling game money for real money. Although PlayOMG doesn’t take any responsibility for any player’s loss due to scams or real life fraud transacted or executed between players, we will do whatever is necessary to prevent this from occurring.

In order to help PlayOMG we ask players to never provide any information regarding your login information, credit card information, or any financial or private information in the game or in forums. Furthermore, GMs will never request a user’s password or personal information in the game environment. Do not give such data out if requested to. Always keep your account information safe and secure and report any suspicious players which you may feel are conducting these scams to protect you and other players.

PlayOMG does not authorize any trading, sales, or transfer of items, money, or accounts of in game items aside purchases on its official Item Mall or PlayOMG site. Item mall items may be used for free in game gifts to one another. We do not take responsibility for such transactions or a player’s loss due to a transaction that is executed between two or more players involving in game items, money, or item mall equipment.

In some cases items may be lost or looted as a normal game function due such things as failed item upgrades. The GM and PlayOMG staff including customer service can not reverse item loss by this way since it is a natural function of the game and is not a bug or defect. There are certain risks in trying to use components to upgrade your equipment. Please read and understand the risk involved before undertaking such endeavors.

In some cases scams can involve trying to game the system or coerce the GM, Customer Service, or the game itself out of getting free or discounted items, money, or other things they should not legitimately have. Such activities are prohibited and can result in account closure.

Cheating and Hacking: Cheating and hacking embody a wide variety of activities. These range from actions that are designed to gain an advantage in the game that a character should not have all the way to methods for stealing game code, emulating the game, inserting images, code, or malicious code into the game, employing viruses, or crippling the operation of the game.

We do not tolerate any type of cheating or hacking. When a GM, PlayOMG network administrator, or individual encounters or suspects such a cheat or hack a full assessment of the players involved will be concluded. This may include everything from game hacks to see what should not be seen and hacks to employ bots to farm for you all the way to trying to break into the server or steal code.

If you possess a cheat or hack code, do not test it in the game. Please notify a GM. Any use of such cheat or hack code will be viewed as usage by the player whether or not they were employing it or just testing it.

Furthermore, posting or uploading such code can result in corrective action which is usually account closure. Any distribution of cheats or hacks themselves via peer to peer, weblinks, file transfer, uploads, or other methods is not only a game violation but may be used for illegal activities including ways for code makers to bug or insert viruses into the uploader’s or user’s own computer.

Private Server: It’s prohibited for players to reference or anyway promote website’s links to access a private server and/or spread the name of a private server in game, on a forum, or on the PlayOMG or its game website. The GM has the right to take any corrective action including cancelling their account or taking legal action against them and/or the party or parties running or hosting the illegal server. Furthermore, it is illegal to copy or steal any code for the purpose of hosting our game. To do so will result in corrective action as well as legal action by PlayOMG.

False Reporting: Users are to make reports or claims to GM’s, or board members that are factual and trustworthy. Disclosure of false or fabricated information will be investigated and corrective action taken if necessary. When such action takes place, all acts involved with the false information will be reversed or restored depending on the circumstances. Although the GM and staff member’s do not regularly look into false information about things not in the game or directly related to PlayOMG or its games, if a GM or forum leader finds out about false or misleading information they can reverse or delete such information. If the false information is deemed improper the poster may also be subject to corrective action.

In no circumstance are people to post improper false information about themselves or others.

Anyone who accidentally posts a false or improper post should immediately report it to the forum leader, GM, or PlayOMG Staff member as soon as possible. Although the user may still face corrective actions, since this doesn’t necessary absolve the user from the act, their action will be seen as a positive condition when their case is reviewed.

Advertising: There will be no forms of advertising inside any game or game forum within PlayOMG. This may include, but is not limited to, the repeated posting of weblinks through any in-game method of communication. Links to sites, images and/or video may also be considered as advertising and is prohibited. Any such promotion is grounds for account closure.

GM Interaction: When a GM intervenes or initiates an event players must immediately acknowledge the GM and listen and respond to them. Players are expected to listen and react cooperatively. Players are not permitted to run away or log off without corrective actions being initiated against them. Disobeying a GM or refusing to acknowledge or communicate is always grounds for corrective action.

GMs are as impartial and unbiased as possible. Openly lying to a GM, offending a GM, withholding information, refusing or contradicting a GM’s decisions, or deceiving a GM are grounds for corrective actions as well.

Players can initiate complaints about a GM through customer service.

Items, gear, and weapons are a function of our game and may alter due to changes in the game mechanics, patches, or changes. As such, PlayOMG and GM are not responsible for such effects. PlayOMG will do its best to make sure the game moves smoothly and prevent modifications from having a dramatic impact on the game. However, PlayOMG cannot make game modifications that affect the entire game for a given individual nor reverse patches in their normal course of work.

Each player’s computer establishes an active connection by utilizing a particular IP (Internet Protocol) address. This type of link to the servers may provide PlayOMG with information regarding what part of the world you are connected from, your Internet provider, and computer operations affecting your gameplay. For a more detailed list please see PlayOMG’s Users Agreement and Privacy Policy.

By involving yourself in the game, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to these and all other relevant rules and will abide by them regardless of the circumstances. In addition, you also agree that you will inform anyone you allow to play using your account of these rules and the agreements regarding playing any PlayOMG game even though this is a violation under the User’s Agreement.

Furthermore, you acknowledge that if your account is subject to corrective action including termination for any reason, you will not be entitled a refund of any kind.

All rules and regulations that govern the entire game policy including this and the User’s Agreement must be followed. PlayOMG reserves the right to change or add other rules should the need arise. Users will be informed of such changes.

PlayOMG also reserves the right to alter or permanently ban any player’s account with or without any notice at any time for any reason should the need arise. In addition, PlayOMG reserves the right to record all necessary information while keeping an active log if fraud or any illegal or questionable activities are detected from any player at any time. Each player, by engaging themselves in the game agrees to follow the PlayOMG terms of Use in their entirety.

If you have questions or comments, please contact our customer service.