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Thanks for registering to become a PlayOMG member. In order to complete your registration as a PlayOMG member, please read and confirm you know and understand the following terms of use regarding membership. These include rules and restrictions on the PlayOMG online gaming platform. Upon hitting the confirmation button, you agree to the rules and regulations stipulated below.

For minors or other individuals without the legal authority to agree to the terms of use, please have your guardian or attorney read and approve the Users Agreement.

PlayOMG is run by the MacroWell Co., Ltd. and will be referred to as PlayOMG. User, users, member, and members are those agreeing to either download and/or play PlayOMG game software or clients.

1) Limited Use License:
PlayOMG allows its members to use and download software from its site. It grants its members license to download and use its authorized software for the purpose of gaming. PlayOMG licenses this software, it does not sell it to its members. PlayOMG authorizes its members the right to use its services and to download and use their software through a limited, non-exclusive license for non-commercial entertainment purposes only.

The source code and the downloaded software program remain the exclusive ownership of PlayOMG and may not be hacked, modified, or altered by the user.

Upon approval of PlayOMG terms of use and the approval of their license application by PlayOMG, PlayOMG will send out the approved account number and secret code to users. These account numbers can’t be altered again and can only be used by the original applicant. PlayOMG has the right to terminate any account who it believes to be using or employing any illegal software connected to PlayOMG’s software or illegally providing usage to other parties besides to whom PlayOMG licensed the software to.

Users can alter their secret code on the webpage of PlayOMG or its affiliated game sites. The personnel of PlayOMG will never ask for the secret code of the user.

2) Authenticity and Confidentiality
Players must offer authentic, full and accurate personal information when they register with the membership of PlayOMG online game platform. If some of the details of the personal information have been altered, the users should at any time update it online. If the players register with unauthentic personal information, refuse to update it or they are suspected of fabricating facts PlayOMG reserves the right to terminate the service to the specified user at any time without recompense.

Because users enter authentic information, in order to preserve their personal information users must agree with the following principles. They will not reveal their account number and secret code to a third person. And they will not lend or transfer the ownership of their account number. If users should violate these rules, the user is fully accountable for the related risks and losses incurred if their private information is violated

Except for the following conditions, PlayOMG agrees to keep the account number or secret code of users confidential:
  • A. On the basis of the requisition by a court of law.
  • B. In a case where PlayOMG requires outside assistance to insure the integrity of the game,
        protect itself or its users from asset loss, or from malicious uses of its software or online
        game platforms.
  • C. In the case of an emergency, especially when the personal safety of a user, users,
        or the third person may be in jeopardy.

While running, the game may monitor your computer’s memory for violations of the game software or integrity. This information may be communicated to PlayOMG. This includes the following but without limitation: your account name, time and date information, and unauthorized third party programs running concurrently with PlayOMG software with or without prior notification under this agreement.

Such information will remain confidential among PlayOMG, its affiliates, and companies assisting PlayOMG in the maintenance and running of PlayOMG games or if authorized by court order.

3) Modifications
PlayOMG retains all rights to its software and has a right to patch, update, or otherwise modify the software program, electronic documentation, and derivative works however it sees fit. PlayOMG may update the game remotely including its software residing on the user’s machine, without knowledge or notification of the user and to deploy and apply such patches, updates, and modifications necessary to effectively manage and operate the game real time.

PlayOMG does not grant members the right to make copies, reproduce, distribute, modify, or alter aspects of the software in full or in part. PlayOMG doesn’t grant members the right to download or run the software on computers the members do not own, nor authorize the members to allow others to access and use the software. PlayOMG users may not allow the operation of its software to be used by others under their name, employ bots, use other electronic programs to act on their behalf, allow unauthorized linking of any program to PlayOMG software.

PlayOMG reserves the right to modify this contract or related regulation at any time. If there is any modification of the contract in the future, PlayOMG will announce it on the homepage of every online game website or notify the users by sending electronic newspaper. If the users don’t agree with the modified content, the users have the right to cease activity and cancel their accounts with PlayOMG. Furthermore, users should suspend all activity on the related PlayOMG service that they disagree with.

4) Service and Maintenance
Since PlayOMG offers its software and game platform online, members may use PlayOMG software but are required to operate it using compatible hardware and internet services. PlayOMG is not responsible for the failure of its services due to incompatible hardware configurations or due to poor or incompatible network equipment or services. All PlayOMG games, software, and services come without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. All risks arising from its software and services are born by the member.

In order to maintain the systems, the online game system of PlayOMG and its games will be closed for maintenance occasionally. Except for rare occasions this maintenance schedule will be disclosed beforehand. When any given game is down for servicing, PlayOMG will announce it on its website. The users will also be notified that the game is under servicing when they log in and they will be notified that a game will be shutdown if they happen to be in the game before the shutdown occurs.

5) Game Regulations
In addition to the rules specifically stated here, each game PlayOMG produces has its own additional terms of use for users to comply with which may vary. Users are asked to read and agree to them before playing. These may include rules regarding player vs. player activity, slang or inappropriate behavior, or other restrictions.

These rules are written to enhance the playability of the game, insure against harassment, comply with various laws, and/or make the game more pleasant and equitable for all.

The following rules apply to all PlayOMG games and are listed below:
  • A. Users may not impersonate PlayOMG, Game Masters (GMs), or PlayOMG staff in
         the game.
  • B. Users may not use any programs or implement any hack that causes either damage to the
         game or alters the game in anyway.
  • C. The user may not use false or unauthentic personal information for registration.
  • D. The statement, action, or behavior by a user is deemed by PlayOMG to be intentionally
         malicious towards users inside or outside of the game or can be construed as harassment.
  • E. The user utilizes or introduces a bug or hack into the game or uses it while playing the
  • F. The user hinders or inhibits another player of the game inappropriate of good
         gamesmanship while the game is going.
  • G. The user employs unfair or inappropriate methods to play the game.
  • H. The behavior of the user violates the law or regulations in the country they live in.
  • I. The user is found to hire, pay or otherwise compensate others to play the game for them.
  • J. The user plays the game to solicit business or plays with the intention of selling his
         character or account to others.
  • K. The user modifies any files that are a part of the game.
  • L. The user attempts to transfer reproductions of the game in actuality or in concept, or rents,
         leases, or licenses the game without authorization.
  • M. The user attempts to use software to intercept or mine information from the game,
          PlayOMG servers, or through game services.
  • N. The user uses the game as a forum to gamble, match make, or profit from the game in any
Play OMG has the sole authority in determining whether a user violates any given rule and determining the remedy including but not limited to warning the user, suspending their account, restricting their account, removing items or abilities they have been determined to have received illegally or inappropriately, or terminating and deleting their account.

6) Trademarks and Copyrights
All titles, ownership rights, and intellectual property on the PlayOMG website, PlayOMG affiliated game websites, and in PlayOMG games remain with PlayOMG. This includes but is not restricted to computer code, copyrights, themes, objects, items, stories, dialog, names, landscape designs, animation, website designs, trademarks, characters, character likenesses, themes, artwork and concepts. The license to use PlayOMG software does not grant the user the right or titles, whole or in part to copy, code, reproduce, translate, disassemble, reverse engineer, modify, decompile, hack, or create derivative works based from the original art or programming. All art, copyrights, and other proprietary rights rest with PlayOMG. All derivative works made by others off of PlayOMG belong to PlayOMG and require the PlayOMG to authorize their use.

Except for the case of legitimate authorization by PlayOMG editing, rewriting, transmitting or using of any part of the site for any purpose is strictly prohibited. Anyone found violating PlayOMG’s trademark, copyrights, programming, or artwork without authorization will be pursued legally.

7) Limitation of Responsibilities
Neither PlayOMG nor its subsidiaries or affiliates are responsible for any loss or damage of any kind arising from the game or services including without limitation loss of data, loss of goodwill, loss of game time, failure or malfunction, game discontinuation, loss or damage to player characters, loss of virtual goods or currency, accounts, statistics, or users standings stored in game or offered by PlayOMG services. PlayOMG carries no liability for loss of services, software or hardware failures, incidental, special, exemplary, or consequential damages.

8) Governing Law
The user’s license shall be governed under the laws of Taipei, Taiwan regardless of the location of the user foreign or domestic. All parties agree that the principal jurisdiction of all legal matters pertaining to this contract or the terms of use for a PlayOMG game will be within the jurisdiction of Taipei, Taiwan. Users agree to submit to the findings of personal jurisdiction of that court.

Furthermore, all parties agree file legal actions separately and not to enjoin or otherwise file class action suits.

9) Severability
Both the user and PlayOMG agree that if any portion of this agreement or terms of use is found to be unenforceable, except where arbitration has led to a resolution, that portion shall be severed from the contract and the remaining portions of the contract will be given full legal force. The legality or illegality of a portion of the contract will be determined by the laws of Taipei Taiwan and the pertinent laws of the country the user may reside. When a conflict arises between the two country’s laws or statues the ruling from a court in Taipei, Taiwan takes precedent. Users agree to submit to the findings of personal jurisdiction of that court.

This contract supersedes any written or oral agreements between PlayOMG and the user. When this User’s agreement is in conflict with the Terms of Use Agreement, it will supersede the Terms of Use Agreement. Any conflicting provisions with this agreement with local, regional, or national laws shall be severed from the agreement with the remaining portion of the contract surviving the nullification or termination of those portions.

Section 1, 3, 6, 7, and 8 shall survive any cancellation or termination of this contract and their provisions shall still hold full legal force and effect.

I hereby acknowledge that I, the user(s) have read and understand the foregoing Users Agreement and by accepting and/or installing the game client, I acknowledge my agreement to be bound by the Users Agreement.